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Shaman mask

Shaman mask

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Ritual Shaman mask 

Shamanic Mask: The Key to Spiritual Journey

The shamanic mask plays an integral role for shamans in their spiritual practices. It serves as an important tool and attribute in rituals and ceremonies, facilitating their communication and interaction with spirits and realms of higher power.

The mask is more than a physical covering for the shaman's face; it symbolizes their transformation and entry into a trance state. By wearing the shamanic mask, they can transcend ordinary consciousness and open themselves to perceiving worlds that exist beyond ordinary human perception.

Moreover, the mask acts as a means of communication with spiritual forces and entities. Shamans utilize the mask to establish contact with the spirit world and representatives from other dimensions. In this state, the shaman can receive insights, perform healing rituals, and seek guidance and counsel from spiritual forces.

The shamanic mask is not merely a symbolic object; it is imbued with the spirit and power of the shaman who wears it. It becomes a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realms, enabling the shaman to serve as an intermediary and guide between them.

Embrace the role of the shaman and allow the shamanic mask to unlock the door to the realm of spiritual practices. Immerse yourself in the depths of a spiritual journey and discover new horizons in your interaction with higher powers.

This mask is out of stock. creation process approx 2-3 weeks

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