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Shaman drum Tree of Life 20'

Shaman drum Tree of Life 20'

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Welcome to the world of shamanism! We are proud to introduce our new shamanic drum with a 20-inch diameter, made with love and care from natural goat skin for the membrane and ash for the frame.

Each drum is unique in its sound and individual design, making it perfect for shamanic ceremonies, meditations, and rituals. You can use it to achieve deep relaxation, clear your energetic field, and attune to the desired vibration.

The uniqueness of this drum is not limited to the materials it is made of. Its handle is shaped like the "Tree of Life" symbol, giving it special symbolic power and helping to make your rituals even more effective.

By purchasing our shamanic drum, you not only acquire a high-quality instrument but also spiritual support on your path. It will become an invaluable assistant for anyone who seeks self-knowledge, harmony, and spiritual development.

Buy our shamanic drum and discover new aspects of your spiritual life!


This drum is out of stock. creation process approx 2-3 weeks



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