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Shaman drum Life line 20’

Shaman drum Life line 20’

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The “Life line” shamanic drum is an instrument that possesses deep spiritual symbolism. The handle of the drum is adorned with images of a female shaman, an owl, and a lynx, which represent spiritual guides and protectors. The female energy, wisdom, and intuition are symbolized by the female figure on the handle, while the owl represents wisdom and knowledge, and the lynx represents strength and flexibility. Together, they help the shaman achieve balance and harmony in their life, as well as provide support in their journeys into the realm of mysteries and spiritual practices. The drum surface is made of natural leather, which allows for a unique sound that resembles the rhythms of the heartbeat of Mother Nature. The Life line” drum is perfect for meditations, ceremonies, and rituals related to female energy and mystical mysteries. Its sound and symbolism help to enter a meditative state and immerse oneself in the spiritual world.


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Size: 50 centimeters

Membrane: goat skin

Rim: ash wood

Handle and Beater: hand carved from alder wood

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